Bella jumped a little when she heard some noise from behind her.

He covered his chuckle with a cough.

"What was that?" She asked looking all around them for the source of the noise.

Blaze decided to tease her a little. He never knows he could have this much fun by just talking to her.

"Might be one of the ghosts you mentioned" he responded casually.

Bella paled at that comment. Slowly she moved closer to him. He noticed it as well.

"So, you saw any ghosts?" he asked her, trying to find out about how she got this crazy idea.

Bella shook her head.

No, she is scared of ghosts, but she likes to read ghost stories and novels. She used to sit inside her room and read ghost stories whenever she finds time.

She likes to read a lot rather than watch tv. 

"I like to read ghost stories. But I am scared of Ghosts" Bella mumbled.

Blaze began to laugh at her explanation.

"You like ghost stories, but you are scared of gho

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Sudarshan Lakhanpal
interesting story
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Bella Jersey
Blaze is gonna have so much fun following her. But I do hope he meets Cameron

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