A proposal

Both Doris and Bella made their way inside the house, but just as they were about to enter inside, they heard two sets of male voices.

Bella didn't open the door immediately when she heard those voices. 

"Are we having any guests today?" She asked Doris in a low voice.

Doris sighed and nodded her head.

"Yes, he is Scott's best friend's son. He is going to stay here with us for a couple of days" Doris supplied helpfully.

Bella frowned when she heard this.

"Really?" She asked Doris Skeptically.

Doris nodded her head.

But Bella is not convinced. There is something Doris is not telling her.

"Come on Doris, tell me everything" Bella insisted.

Doris looked at Bella sheepishly.

"I don't want to scare you off. But yes, there is something else" Doris agreed.

Bella frowned.

'This is not sounding good, she thought' 

"Tell me" she prompted softly.

Doris is looking uncomfortable.

"That boy i

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Debbie Proffer
I hope momma and grandma help her I like blaze he needs to step in fast.
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Bella Jersey
Thank you Elvina

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