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Murry looked behind him with confusion. He found someone tugging at his hair, but when he turned around to see who it is, he found no one.

He is angry at whoever tugged at his hair painfully. But there is no one around. He frowned with confusion.

'I am sure someone tugged my hair. Or, is it a tree branch?' he thought looking over his head.

In the meantime, Brandon came from behind him and whacked him on the back of his head. Murry fell forward with the force he was whacked with.

"Ahh," he groaned loudly with pain.

He glared behind him angrily, but there is no one around.

To his surprise, he didn't even find Arabella.

"Ari?" he called loudly.

But he got no reply from anyone.

He looked around him warily.

"Ari" he called again.

Due to the thickness of the forest, there is not much sunshine coming from between the branches. It's not bright enough for him to see more than a couple of meters away from him.

The day is

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LolSmileyyface 808
This Murray crack’s me up.........
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LolSmileyyface 808
I love reading your books! They’re funny and exciting to read!

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