After Listening to Murry's words, Brandon became angry.

'How dare this pathetic fae call me Coward? I can show myself at any time. But I am sure he wouldn't like it. No one can stand straight after looking at a dragon. You will fall down on the ground with a heart attack' Brandon thought angrily.

'You are right brother, killing him is easy' Brandon told Blaze angrily.

Blaze chuckled through their mind link. 

'He is intentionally provoking you, Brandon. Do what you are supposed to do and beat him up nicely for me. I can read his thoughts plainly. He is a womanizer. He must have hurt so many women. Use it to your advantage and scare him well and good' Blaze advised Brandon.

Initially, Blaze thought of doing all this. But now that his brother volunteered to teach him a lesson, Blaze decided to spend his time with his Bella.

When Brandon heard his brother's advice, he smirked.

He let his dragon come forward and used his dragon's voic

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