Blaze stood beside Bella, with a soft smile playing on his lips.

Bella is happy with the way everything turned out to be.

"I think she the one you mentioned," Brandon said with a smile, as he made his way towards Bella and Blaze.

For the first time since everything began with Murry, Bella is seeing another man. On instinct, she moved closer to Blaze, which both the men noticed.

Blaze is satisfied with her reaction. And Brandon is happy for his brother.

"He is my younger brother Brandon" Blaze introduced his brother to Bella.

"Oh," she said out loud, and for the first time began to notice the similarities between both the brothers.

"Hello, I am Bella" she extended her palm to shake his hand in the humankind of greeting.

Brandon and Blaze looked at her with puzzlement. It's not the way women greet men. They just nod their heads in acknowledgment. 

Or if the man she is greeting is higher in social stature than her, she

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