Ran away

After they finished breakfast, Brandon returned back to the palace, leaving Bella and Blaze in the cabin.

"I should go now. It's almost noon. I am afraid what kind of stories Murry would be cooking" Bella said.

Blaze smiled at her gently.

"Don't worry, I have everything planned out" Blaze assured her.

He stood up and opened a cabinet near the left side of the fireplace. There is a turban that he wore the first day he saw is sitting inside.

He removed it and wore it on his head, before covering half his face with its tail. 

Bella looked at him with surprise.

"What is this?" She asked curiously.

Blaze smirked.

"It's called a turban. It's mostly used by merchants who will sell things in the market from morning to evening to protect their heads from the heat of the sun. Now I am using it to conceal my face and my identity. A random man helping your daughter is much more believable" Blaze explained.

"Oh," Bella said with un

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