Chapter 19

Third person's pov. 

"I was gone for some minutes and you both are already sucking each others lips" Zachariah commented. His lips forming a smirk making him look irresistible.

Rose quickly moved away from Vladimir and stood up. 

Her cheeks becoming red from the comment Zachariah made. 

"We weren't doing anything inappropriate. We were just hugging" Rose muttered shyly. 

"Sure you were" Zachariah replied with a teasing tone. 

He was happy with the progress they were making with Rose. 

"Thank god you came. Rose was eating my brain constantly asking about you. " Vladimir said giving Rose a wink. 

Rose looked at Vladimir and glared at him. Why did he said this in front of Zachariah? 

Both brothers are planning on making her embarrassed. 

"Did you?" Zachariah questioned Rose with a smirk. 

Rose looked at him unable to say anything. God! It is so embar

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