Chapter 20

Third person's pov. 


Terrified is what Rose feeling right now. A chill ran down her spine after hearing their words. They were sounding so deadly, so dangerous. She doesn't know if she is correct or not but their words were sounding like it holds a promise in it. 

"What do you mean by that?" Rose asked them. Though she was scared inside she didn't show it to them. 

Rose, garden, own, touch, what are they talking about? It really scaring her now. 

"Nothing that you should worry about love, just relax and trust us" Vladimir said giving her a soft smile. 

They both were looking so dark while saying those things, how can she not get worried? 

Rose nodded at him though she was still unsure.

A sat quietly as silence surrounded them. But this time it wasn't a comfortable one for Rose. 

"What was the most adventures thing you both did?" Rose asked them to remove the aw

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