Chapter 86

Rose woke up with excitement. Throughout the day she was jumping in excitement. Tonight she is going to see the Beasts for the first time. It made her nervous and excited at the same time.

Entire day she couldn't keep calm as she kept waiting for the night to come so that she could finally see the Beasts, the other side of her mates.

Now as the sun has set and the moon shone brightly in the sky along with other stars, she couldn't wait anymore. She kept waiting for her mates to come but there was no sign of them. It made her frustrated. Did they forgot about the promise they made to her?

Rose pouted helplessly and decided to wait for some more time. Time passed by, each minute felt like a year to her. Rose couldn't control it anymore. She decided to visit them by herself and remind them of their promise.

She opened the door of her room and went to the study room since they are there. She saw a gaurd outside their room.

The gaurd bowed down after seeing her. "Queen" He said an
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