Chapter 87

Rose gasped hearing him and immediately lifted her hand to examine it. She saw her hand was perfect.

"My hand is alright. I don't feel any pain too." Rose told them.

Vladimir examined her hand, to see if the poison is slowly spreading inside her or not but there was no trace of it.

"How is this possible?" Zachariah's beast asked.

How can nothing happen to Rose after she touched Vladimir's claws. Of course, he doesn't wants anything to happen to Rose. He will set the whole world on fire she something happens to her.

"Your claws has venom?" Rose asked Vladimir's beast.

"Both of ours claws as venom." Vladimir's beast replied.

"It can kill a person within a second with just it's touch." Zachariah's beast informed her.

"Then why am I not dead yet?" Rose asked, not knowing that her words got the worst out of the beasts.

A deadly growl left from them which had Rose flinching.

"Do not ever talk about dead ever again, understood?" Zachariah's beast gritted his teeth at her. Rose nodded her hea
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