Chapter 88

Rose sprinted towards the waterfall as soon as she saw it. The beasts and Rose have reached the forest for a hour now and they discovered a beautiful waterfall.

"This is wonderful!" Rose examined as she dipped her legs in the water.

The beasts felt good to see her happy. They can bring her here everyday if she gets happy.

Rose looked at the beasts. "Join me?" She asked. The beasts thought for a while before they decided to join her.

Rose smiled when they got besides her. "When will ge make the tent?" Rose asked them. They plan to sleep in the forest tonight and the tent is needed.

"It's already done." Zachariah's beast informed. Rose looked at him shocked. "But we reached here just a hour ago. When did you do it?" She asked.

"We asked the Royal Delta to prepare it." Vladimir's beast told her. Rose nodded. That makes sense now.

"Can I see it?" She asked excited. Zachariah's beast gave her swift nod.

They went the near the tent. Rose was amazed to see it. It was larger than a normal siz
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