Chapter 89


The Kings never thought about it before as they were too busy to spend their time with Rose. But now as they think about it, they would love to have children with her.

Of course, they will have to wait for few years as Rose is still young and they don't want to burden her with the responsibilities of children. They will have them when Rose is ready, when she wants to have kids.

The Kings chuckled at their thoughts. Here they haven't even touch her and they are thinking about having kids with her. There's still a long way to go.

"What happened?" Rose asked them.

"Nothing you need to worry about." Vladimir said.

Rose shivered as the cool breeze touched her. It was getting cold.

"We should go inside love, you are shivering." Zachariah said.

Rose shoke her head in 'no'. "I want to spend some time outside."

Vladimir unbuttoned his shirt and give it to her. "Here, wear it. You will feel warm." He said and Rose took the shirt from him. She wore the shirt and felt warm insta
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