Chapter 90

(Mature content.)

Rose was surrounded by the gifts. Many Alphas and lunas have send her a gift.

The Kings knew Rose will not to be comfortable to have a large party for her birthday. That's why they haven't invited anyone.

Their mates comfort is their first priority.

"Look! This is amazing." Rose said holding a coffee mug which was gifted to her by one of the maids.

She was opening her gifts one by one, to eager to see what everyone has gifted her. The gifts were all lying on their beds and couch carelessly. It look like there was a flood of gifts.

Zachariah came from a shower. Rose and Vladimir had already freshen up.

Vladimir gave a nod to her. She has been showing him all her gifts.

Rose opened another packet, a beautiful necklace came in her view. "Wow" She mumbled looking at it. It was diamond.

She read the card attached to the gift. It was from the Alpha and Luna of Vampires.

"Vampire land is full of diamonds." Zachariah commented. "This one looks quite expensive."

Rose nodded
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