Chapter 92

"Where are we going?" Rose asked for the tenth time.

"Patience love" Vladimir said and guided her to walk.

Rose was blindfolded by them. She has no idea where they are taking her and all they are saying is to have some patience.

"Stop pouting Rose." Zachariah's voice reached her ear.

Rose didn't realised she was pouting.

"There you go" Vladimir said and removed the blindfold from her eyes.

Rose opened her eyes and her nose scrunched in confusion as she looked around the place.

"What are we doing here?" She asked.

It was open area with green grass all around. She couldn't see a soul near her.

The place was so huge that she is sure hundreds of people can live here.

"Blaze!" Zachariah shouted instead of answering her question.

Rose was about to question him when she heard something. Her head whipped towards the direction of the sound and she was surprised to see a red horse running towards them.

Rose palmed her mouth in surprise and shrieked when the horse came near her. But
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