Chapter 93

"What I mean is how about we show you some real life romance, huh?" Vladimir said and trailed his hand up her thighs. Rose felt sparks immediately at his touch. Effects of mate bond you see.

She blushed and pushed his hands away just when his hands were about to touch her panties.

Zachariah chuckled seeing it.

Vladimir let out a groan.

"What happened to you both? Why are you behaving like this?" Rose asked.

"Like what?" Vladimir questioned her.

Rose's cheeks hit up before she answered. "Being so touchy." She mumbled.

"So we weren't touchy before?" Zachariah asked.

"You were but now you are being even more. I mean you always try to touch my-" Rose paused realising what she was going to say.

"Your what love?" Zachariah asked with a smirk.

"Nothing" Rose said with pink cheeks. "And answer my question, please!" Rose said.

Zachariah sighed. "You cannot understand our situation Rose." He said.

"I can. Tell me atleast." Rose insisted.

"You have turned eighteen. Do you know what d
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Sharmaine Martin
when will you update
goodnovel comment avatar
Tara Smyser
Rose asked for a safe place. But she never said where that place was. I'm guessing she will end up with the horses or with her Mom. How did the King's not know about Buddy? Love the story. Just hate how slow it is being written.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sharmaine Martin
I love this story I wish it more than one update a day

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