Chapter 94

Rose felt herself getting lost in the blue log. She couldn't see anything. The blue fog was surrounding her completely.

As the time passed by, the blue fog started to disappear slowly and soon she could see, although not clearly as the fog was still there. Rose walked few steps and the fog was completely gone by now.

She looked around to see herself in a completely different place, just as she wanted it.

The place was quite crowdy and Rose was feared if anyone would identify her. She hopes they don't.

Just as she was about to move ahead, a sound stopped her dead on her track.


Rose's eyes widen in disbelief. She turned around quickly and was shocked to see Buddy standing in front of her. Buddy tilted his head and came running towards her.

"What are you doing here Buddy?!" Rose whisper-yelled.

Buddy just looked at her happily and wiggled his tail. Rose looked Buddy in concern.

What will she do now?

"Buddy can you go back to the palace, please?" Rose said but he just shok
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