Chapter 95

It was early morning and sun was above the horizon. Birds were chirping in the sky, it sounded like a pleasant music to the ears.

Vladimir and Zachariah reached the palace. Everyone bowed down seeing them. They ignored everyone and headed straight to their room to see rose.

It was the longest time they had been away from her and they couldn't wait to see her.

They saw Rose's bodyguards outside their room. The bodyguards bowed seeing them and greeted, "Kings" They said in respect.

The Kings have them a swift nod.

"Did Rose came out?" Zachariah inquired.

"Queen came out to bring her pet Buddy in her room. After that, she didn't came out of her room." One of the bodyguard informed.

Kings knew that Rose must be still sleeping in her room. She loves to sleep and won't wake up unless they wake her up. It has became a habit of her now. Not that they mind, they love to wake her up every morning.

Vladimir opened the door. They both entered inside. A frown marked Zachariah's face as he
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