Chapter 96

Rose didn't knew what to answer. His question had her in deep thinking.

Will she not return back to them ever?

"I don't know." Rose confessed.

She has no idea what is happening in her life.

"Flower, I believe you need to rethink about your decision. You cannot leave away from them forever. Either they will find you or someone else will tell them about you. Either way, you will end with them. Besides, you are their mate. You need to be with them. Mates are most pure and precious thing in the whole universe, if you leave them than it means that you are disrespecting the mate-bond." Chris said.

Rose's mind was not able to take all these things. It was getting too much for her.

"I need some time to think about it." Rose said.

"Of course. You can take all the time you need. You can assume this as a small break of your life."

Rose nodded. She indeed need some time to think about it.

Rose finished her breakfast and so did Chris.

"So, do you want to have a look of this place? I can
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Tara Smyser
You keep asking for reviews. I write them. But I never see a reply. Do you read them. Or just ask, for the letter count?
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Tara Smyser
What if the manager is someone from her past. I hope Rose sees them before they see her. That job can only spell trouble for Rose. W/A "T". Rose can't be that stupid! Please stop making her sound so stupid.It's a slow read & W/how you write Rose. Getting irritated W/it all. She's not a dumb blonde.

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