Chapter 98

The Kings were becoming unstoppable, their was no end to their rage. It was like something has possessed them.

It has been four days since Rose was missing. Without her the Kings were becoming mad. They were getting more and more terrifying with each passing day. It was like they were getting crazy without Rose.

Everyone were scared of the Kings. No one dared to appear in front of them. They all had a fear that the Kings will kill them if they appeared in front of them.

The entire Kingdom was suffering. There was a dead silence everywhere. Everyone were trying best to find the Queen, to have information about her but they couldn't get it.

It was like she has disappeared. There was no trace of her.

The Kings were in the throne room.

"There is no information of the Queen, Kings." The Royal beta said with his head bowed down.

The Kings let out a inhuman growl hearing him.

Rose. They want her back. They want their mate back in their arms.

"Fucking find her before I snap your neck
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