Chapter 99

Rose felt her head was getting heavy with each passing moment, it was like something heavy was kept on her head. She groaned when she felt the pain in her head. It was throbbing. A cry left her lips as she felt the pain. Everything was dark to her. Her eyes won't open and all she could see and feel was darkness.

She felt that she was tied to something. Her hands and feet were tied down onto something in a sitting position. With great difficult Rose opened her eyes and was met with darkness only. She realised that she was blindfolded.

She tried to remember how she ended up in this situation. She remembered she was on her way to the apartment and someone hit her on her head. Rose got chills realising the situation she is in. Someone abducted her! Her body turned cold and blood freeze in her veins.

Why would someone kidnap her and who did it?

Panic hit her hard and she started to struggle. However, it was of no use as her hands and legs were tied.

She felt that her heart was going t
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Tara Smyser
The King's are going to Love Buddy.

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