Chapter 2

Third person's pov. 

"My Ki-ings" A red eyed demon called the beast kings while his eyes stayed on the ground.

No one should look into the eyes of beast Kings. It's a sign of disrespect to the Kings. Moreover the Kings don't like it when someone looks in their eyes.   

There's a saying that the both Kings eyes are so terrifying that whenever someone looks in there eyes they faint from fear. Some elders says that their eyes are black. Totally black. Like literally black with no hint of white in it. 

It is said that the one who has seen the kings  eyes some millions of years ago have died due to the fear which consumed them. Who ever have saw the beast kings eyes has been dead. A large amount of terror possess the people who see the eyed of the beast kings. 

Their eyes are like a black hole sucking the life of the people. When someone looks in their eyes they feel like the Kings eyes are taking the light away from them, consuming it in their darkness. 

Getting no response from  the Kings, a shiver ran down the Demon's spine. 

What if he is disturbing them? Will they punish him just like they punished a werewolf who dared to disturb them while they were thinking about their future Queen. They killed the werewolf so brutally. 

What if they punish him too? Should he just go from here? But if he didn't tell the king about the important matter then they will kill him too. 

Taking a deep breath the Damon tried to clam himself down. He will just call the kings once, if they didn't respond to him then he will go from here.

But what if they will punish him from going without even taking there permission. Should he call them once more? Who knows the kings might be thinking about some important matters or even about their Queen. 

"My Ki-"

"Fucking speak properly you pup" The voice of one of the beast king roared through the whole place making the scared demon even more terrified to speak to them. He was King Zachariah. 

"My-y Ki-ings the-ere's a f-fun-ntion in the whole palace to find the our Queen." The demon shuttered at first but then composed himself. 

Getting no response from the kings he continued "The whole k-kingdom's girls will come in the ball tomorrow. Demons, vampires, werewolf, angels and all the other supernatural species above the age of 16 will be invented. No males expect for the Royal guards and some important mens will be allowed in the ball as per as your orders."

"Don't worry king we will find the Queen this time. If not not then you can kill all other females just like you both do every time" The demon added but immediately regretted it as the kings turned towards him. 

He definitely did a mistake didn't he? 

Why is he so stupid? Can't he just control his stupid mouth!? His mouth doesn't speaks properly when it has to but it speaks clearly when talking nonsense.

"Don't fucking tell us what to do you stupid demon or else I will have your head in my fucking plate" The king Vladimir said to him as his eyes turned red. 

"I-i am so-orry my kings. Pl-lease forgive me kings" The poor demon pleaded for his life. He knew how much ruthless the both the kings can be but he didn't wished for himself to face it. 

"We are sparing you this time but don't repeat it next time or else you won't even have the time to say fucking sorry" King Zachariah said as he dismissed the demon. 

"Tha-ank yo-u my Kings" The demon said as he bowed down in front of the kings before taking his clue to leave. 

The demon started to walk towards the door to leave the beast kings alone with the thoughts of their Queen. 


Before he could walk further a voice stopped him. Gulping he turned around quickly not giving the kings the chance to kill him. 

"Yes kings" The demon called out worrying if he again did something stupid. 

"Did you invite humans to the ball? " King Vladimir asked making him frown. 

"Humans" He thought with disgust. 

"No my king"

Humans are just some filthy creatures. They don't deserve to stand with supernatural let alone attend the ball in the palace. They are just the dust beneath their shoes. And what's the use of inviting them? There Queen isn't going to be some weakling human who don't even know how to protect herself.

There Queen would be someone who would be strong enough to protect herself and the people of supernaturals.There Queen would be someone who is strong enough to match the tiny bit strength of the their kings. The kings are so strong that no one in the world can match their strength. 

Moreover humans smell like shit as if they have been in shit for a long time. 

"Invite them too then" The kings said. 

"But why my ki-" The demon stopped his stupid mouth before he could say something stupid. 

"Of course my kings" The demon said. 

The demon waited for the kings to dismiss him. Leaving without the kings permission is one of the offense in the world. Not that anyone dares to leave without the Kings permission. More ever who will want their head to lie in Kings plate. 

"Leave" King Vladimir said dismissing him. 

"Kings" The demon said before existing himself from the palace to deliver the news of invitation of some filthy humans for tomorrow's ball. He has a lot of work to do now. 

"I hope we will find her this time" Kind Zachariah said as he closed his eyes.

They have been living without a mate since they have gained their senses. Some people say that there is a curse on the Kings that they will have no mate. While others believe it is the karma for them to not have a mate. 

"We will" King Vladimir said as he looked into the space with his dark eyes. 


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Jane Mary
why would they killed the females when they didn't find their mate? it makes no sense i don't like it if its for no reason that's too cruel

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