Chapter 5

Third person's pov. 

"The Kings met the Queen yesterday"

"The Queen was so beautiful"

"The Queen ran away when she saw the Kings"

"The Kings tried to kill the Queen"

"The Kings don't deserve her"

"The kings are going mad for her"

"The Queen got scared when she saw the eyes of the Kings"

"The Kings are killing who ever are coming in front of them"

"The Royal beta is trying to calm the Kings but nothing is working"

"The Kings will kill everyone if they didn't find the Queen"

"But how did the Queen disappeared?"

"Is she a witch?"

All this thoughts were running in the mind of all the supernatural of different realm. However, no one dared to speak their thoughts loud. 

All they knew is that the Kings find the Queen yesterday and suddenly the Queen disappeared. The kings have gone on rampage since then. Killing everyone one who comes in their sight without the information of the Queen. 

The royal beta Damien and the royal gamma Hunter were currently trying to calm the Kings down but nothing was working on them. Their beast was going out of control making it difficult for the Royal beta and Royal gamma to control them. 

While the royal beta and royal gamma were trying to calm the kings down so that they don't destroy more furniture and don't kill anyone, the royal delta Xavier was trying to find the Queen. 

The whole Royal guards and other realms Alpha's and leader's were searching for the Queen. Every guard and soldiers present inside the different realm were trying to find the Queen. Finding her in every way which was possible for them.

However, nothing worked. All they did was returned empty hand. Making the kings go more wild and lethal. 


"Did someone find any information about the Queen" The royal delta Damien asked in his hard voice. Looking at all the guards and soldiers who were bowing their head in shame he knew they didn't find any single information about her. 

"No Royal Delta" One of the royal guard spoke. His posture stiff as he spoked to the Royal Delta. 

"What the fuck are you all doing!" The Royal delta roared as he looked at them. The vein in his neck poking out. His hands in a tight fist while his jaw was clenched. 

"Forgive us royal delta. We all are trying our best to find the Queen but we are failing very time." The same guard replied again. His posture brave as he answered to the royal Delta.

One thing which is important in supernatural is bravery. 

The one who is weak in supernatural are looked lowly. It is the survival of the fittest. The one who is strong and brave survives while the one who is weak becomes a slave or omega. 

"It's like the Queen has disappeared. There is no trace of where the Queen is. We are trying very way possible to find the Queen." Another guard replied to the Royal Delta. 

The Royal Delta clenched his hands. The anger in him reaching to it's peak. 

The whole supernatural species are looking for the Queen but they haven't even find a single clue about the Queen. If they simply can't find the Queen then it's shame on the whole supernaturals. 

"Change the strategy now. Werewolves will now look at West sides of the whole place, vampire will look after north, demons will look after the south, lycans will look after the east and witches and Angels will look after the center. Inform this to everyone in the supernaturals. Find the Queen immediately. I don't want to hear any stupid reasons now." The Royal delta said. 

"Yes royal delta" Every guard present in front of him replied. 

"And yes inform everyone about the Queen. Spread the whole news everywhere. Every single soul present in the supernaturals should know the Queen has disappeared and make everyone find her. Did you all understand me" Royal delta Damien said. His eyes fixed in front as he eyed the guards present there. 

"Yes royal delta" All the guards replied the same answer once again before making their way out. 

They all had to search the Queen now and if unfortunately they returned empty hand then they knew that the Kings will kill them. 

The kings kill everyone brutally when they said something bad about their Queen and now that they have finally find their Queen who has disappeared they don't know what Kings will do this time. 


"Fucking find her dammit! I want her right now." King Vladimir roared at the Royal beta. His sharp claws extended ready to kill anyone who come in his way. 

"We are already searching for the Queen, my Kings. All the royal guards and other warriors are searching for the Queen. I am sure will we find her." The Royal beta said trying to clam down the king. 

Though he knew it is getting difficult to find the Queen but he can't say this to the kings. They will loose their clam and kill every single soul present in the world. 

"We don't want your fucking pathetic excuses beta. Find our Queen as early as possible and bring her to us." King Zachariah said breathing heavily. The urge to kill everyone got inside him but he let it go for now. Finding their Queen is more important then killing this pathetic persons. 

"Yes King" The Royal beta said.

"I give you both my words Kings. I will try to find the Queen as early as possible with the help other supernaturals and will present the Queen in this week itself. " The Royal beta added quickly. 

"Stay true to your words beta. If you failed to do as you said then you very well know the consequences." King Vladimir said looking directly at him. 

A shiver ran down in the spine of the Royal Beta. He very well knew what the consequences are. The king is indicating his death. Not a simple and easy death but a brutal and heart-wrenching death.

"Yes Kings. I very well know it."

Worst scenario started forming in his head. He was there when the Kings brutally killed others. He was present when they heartlessly ripped the soul from their body. The same thing happening to him made him gulp in fear. 

Though he is one of the most brave and strong supernatural, he couldn't help but fear the Kings. He couldn't meet the power of the Kings. Even if there are thousands like him no one can even touch the hairs of the Kings let alone harm them. Defeating the Kings impossible task. No one can do it. 

It's not like he thought of defeating the Kings. They are his Alphas, his Kings and he can never think of betraying them. His loyalty belongs to them and only them. 

Any person who even think of doing wrong to the Kings will have to go through him first. He won't even let someone do a scratch on the Kings. Though harming them is impossible but he won't hesitate to kill someone for the Kings and if time comes he can even die for the kings. 

Although the Kings won't need his protection. They both are enough for the whole world if they are needed to fight. The kings have such inhuman tales that even makes the satan tremble in fear and piss in his pants. Their brutality has no bound. They kill the men's, women's and children's without any second thought. 

So killing him won't be a tough job for the Kings. Even though he is their beta, they won't think twice before killing him. 

He had work for the kings for many centuries. He is the first and only beta they had. Many people would think that they would have a wonderful relationship of friendship between them. But that's not true. The only relation they have is of Alpha and beta, a relationship of pure professionalism. Nothing less and nothing more. 

Dying by the Kings hands is not what he fears the most.

What he fears the most is that he would fail to find the Queen. The Queen for whom they are waiting for millions and millions of centuries. The thing which he fears is that he won't be able to protect the Kings and the Queen after he dies. 

Bowing his head towards the Kings he made his way out of the royal room. Heading downwards towards the place where the guards and warriors were present along with the royal delta, he made his way there. 

He needs to inform everyone to find the Queen as early as possible. 

The kingdom has finally got their Queen and there's no way in hell they are going to let her go. 

Get ready Queen, the whole supernatural is coming for you. 


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Jane Mary
I still can't accept the fact that they killed people including children because they are not finding their mate ! Damn get your ass up and find it yourself!! they are just devil

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