Chapter 7

Rose pov

"Have you heard about the Kings Rose?" Emily asked me sitting beside me while putting her feets inside the river. 

Currently we were sitting near the river with our legs dipped in it. 

Looking over to her I gave her a confused look. 

"Who doesn't know about the Kings Emily?Every person present in the world knows about the Kings. Every supernatural, human and even animals knows about the Kings." I told her while rolling my eyes. 

"Sometimes your questions can be so stupid Emily." I said giving Emily a you-are-stupid look. 

My best friend is really wired sometimes. 

She is wired all the time. 

Rolling her eyes she looked at me. "My question isn't stupid Rose. What I meant to say is have you heard the news about the Kings?"


"Huh which news?"

"The Kings have finally met the Queen!" She told me with a scared expression on her face. 


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