Chapter 8

Rose's pov.

A small yawn escaped my lips as I lazily rubbed my eyes. Stretching my arms I sighed.

Feeling still sleepy I looked over the watch.

It was 6:30 in the morning.

Getting off the bed I went towards the bathroom.

Coming from the bathroom after some minutes I wore my clothes.

It's so peaceful here.

Let me tell you, peace in my house is really a odd thing. All the credit goes to buddy though.

Speaking of which, where is buddy?

I haven't seen him since morning. Where he might be?

"Buddy where are you?" I asked as I continued to search him.

God knows where he is hiding.

"Okay fine. I loss and you win. Now come fast." I tried to trick him.

But did he came? No.

He didn't fall for my trick. He is so intelligent after all. Ju

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