Chapter 10

Their person's pov.


The whole atmosphere was silent. Even the fearful breathing of the soldiers couldn't be heard. Sweat glistening their body as they stand there trembling. Their whole form shaking just by thinking about the things the Beast Kings will do with them after they delivered the news to them. The news that they couldn't find their Queen.

They could already imagine their body lying on the floor with blood flowing through their neck.

A chil ran down their spine thinking about it. The Kings are monsters. They won't spare them after hearing the news.

"K-kings" One of the soldier spoke trembling. His tongue nervously licking his lips. His head was bow down not daring to look in their eyes.

The Beast Kings sat on the majestic throne. Their form sitting carelessly on the throne waiting for the pathetic soldier to speak finally.

"W-we ha

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