Chapter 12

Third person's pov. 

"I want to go home." Rose said looking at them, still  frightened. 

Their deadly appearance was making it more difficult for her. Just by looking at them she was feeling scared. 

Their face was hard as if they had never smiled. Their tan skin was looking rough. Their height was towering over her. They looked like they were above 6'7. Not only they were heighted, they were build too. The muscles on their hand were bigger then her face.

They could crush her easily if they want. She thought in her mind. 

The Kings looked at each other for few minutes. Their eyes holding a conservation only they both knew.

"Okay" King Zachariah said making her sigh in relief. 

If they want to be in her good books then they have to agree with whatever she says. They can't afford to loose her beca

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