Chapter 13

Third person's pov. 

"You called us Kings" The royal beta Damien said bowing towards the Kings. The Royal gamma hunter too bowed down before the Kings. 

They both were called by the Kings to discuss something important. 

"Yes" Vladimir said in his rough voice. His face which was full of happiness yesterday due to their mate, now became stern and deadly as he talked to their beta and gamma. 

The same was the case of Zachariah. Their soft side is only reserved for their mate. No one else. 

"We want you both to act like you are the Kings of supernaturals in front of our mate" Zachariah said to the royal beta Damien and royal gamma Hunter in his deadly voice which made the beta and gamma shiver. 

While on the other hand, the face of Damien and Hunter paled hearing this. How can they act like they are Kings when they are j

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