Chapter 15

Third person's pov.

"The work is done Kings" The Royal beta Damein said bowing towards the Kings.

"Did anyone cause any issue over there?" Zachariah asked. His voice rough and bold.

"Yes Kings. There were certain witches which refused to follow the order. One of them was Queen's mother. She said she won't allow her daughter to be with you Kings. She said-" Royal gamma hunter paused. Afraid of the reaction of the Kings.

"What did she said Hunter?" Zachariah asked. His voice loud and firm making the beta and gamma gulp.

"She said you both are monsters who don't deserve Queen." The Royal gamma Hunter said.

The Kings chuckled hearing him. 

"She didn't said anything wrong. We are monsters, the most ruthless and heartless ones. And we know we don't deserve Rose. But that doesn't mean we will let a pathetic witch like her to take away our mate from us

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