Chapter 16

Third person's pov.

"Wow" Rose said looking at the black cars in front of her. She didn't knew much about cars but by looking at it she can tell that they are definitely expensive.

"Are these cars yours?" Rose asked still looking at the cars in awe.

"Yes" Vladimir answered.

They must be really rich. Rose thought in her mind.

"Which car do you like the most Rose?" Zachariah asked inverting their fingers together.

Rose looked at the cars in front of her. They were all black in colour just their design and size were different.

"Umm that one" Rose said pointing at the last car in the row. It was the biggest car from the collection and the most stylish.

It caught her attention as soon as she came here and just by looking at it she knew she fall in love with that car.

And who wouldn't love that car? It clearly looks lik

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