Chapter 17

Third persons pov. 

The blanket of stars was stretch to infinite while the moon shone brightly in the sky. Their twinkling giving peace to the people. Cool breezes were flowing in the forest while the whole atmosphere was dead silent. 

Vladimir and Zachariah came out of the car while Buddy was still sleeping in the car. 

Rose wanted to get buddy out of the car but she let him sleep there. He was looking so cute while sleeping that she didn't had the heart to wake him up. 

Moreover, he was looking like he was in deep sleep. 

Rose scaredly hold Zachariah's hand as the images of her getting lost in the forest flashed in her mind. 

She started remembering it all. The way her mother send her to the forest, the way she got lost and hurt, and the way she and buddy almost became a dinner to a bear. 

A dread creep in heart remembering it. She feared it might happen again. 

However, she knew thi

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Ally Kat
he says love like wayyyy too much at first cute but now just annoying. like at the end of each sentence? no.
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Zama Phungula
The grammatical errors ... are too much

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