Eleventh Secret

Darien continued to stare at Zach as his heartbeat increased rapidly in speed. Either he was on his way to an early heart attack due to the amount of ice cream he had consumed or his heart was responding to Zach.

Which was the more preferable option?

The billionaire was feeling lost. Instead of being on a quiet beach stuck staring at Zach, he was losing his way in the wilderness. Memories of his one night of freedom at a masked ball were coming thick and fast. He normally tried to keep those memories at bay.

“...Are you tired?” Zach’s soft voice made itself known.

That was enough to jerk Darien out of his lost state. He could control himself. He wasn’t a romance struck teenager, he was a 27 year old billionaire.

“Just a little, let’s go back to the hotel and have dinner. It’s got a five star level restaurant.”

Zach perked up noticeably which caused Darien to smile. The intern was very precious. Anyone who ended up dating him would be v

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