Twelfth Secret

Zach opened his door and found Darien waiting outside as they had agreed. He was feeling excited about breakfast whereas Darien was sporting dark shadows around his eyes and looked like he hadn’t slept well.

“Were you up all night working?” he asked.

Darien covered his mouth whilst he yawned. Zach took that to be a reply to his question.

Despite his visible fatigue, the billionaire was still sleekly dressed in another colourful jacket and blue trousers. His hair was freshly wavy and he was wearing a simple necklace that probably cost more than Zach’s monthly rent.

“I finished reading my back catalogue and finished the plot outline,” the billionaire replied. “It took longer than I thought. It’s fortunate we’re leaving this morning so I can sleep when I get back.”

They fell into step together and this time Zach elected to take the lift. Darien didn’t look like he would appreciate walking down all those stairs.

The breakfast area was ever

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