Fourteenth Secret

Zach sat down at the well polished table opposite the billionaire. The strange feeling in his heart had gone. Perhaps it had been his first instance of heartburn.

Darien looked as good as always. His hair was primped to perfection. Zach liked his wavy hair from the weekend more than his neatly arranged straight hair. Maybe it was because of the implication that he was one of a very small number of people to see him with wavy hair.

The billionaire was currently engaged in a quiet conversation with the waiter who came across as efficiency incarnated.

“Was that your order?” Zach asked once the waiter had left.

“That’s right,” Darien confirmed. “I want to surprise you.”

Zach resisted the urge to get his phone out under the table and do some internet research about this particular restaurant. He had a feeling he had seen the name somewhere before so it was probably another top rated restaurant in London.

“Is your hair naturally straight or

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Lynnburger Morris
Hopefully we shall learn the truth about it
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m so curious to know all the details of the “masquerade ball incident”.

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