Seventeenth Secret

Zach was confused by the sudden hand holding. Darien came across as a person who didn’t like to be touched and here he was holding his hand.

Then he saw the look of complete pain on the billionaire’s face and he softened. Clearly Darien was holding onto him for help. Spicy noodles weren’t something Darien could withstand.

He slipped his hand out of Darien’s grip and patted his head.

“I’ll get you something cold,” he said. “You can give up now, I’ve clearly won this challenge.”

Darien nodded weakly and Zach smiled to himself. He was most likely to be the only person who had ever seen the billionaire in a state as fragile as this.

He quickly grabbed the tub of ice cream from the freezer and two spoons. The shop he had visited to get the noodles hadn’t stocked the largest selection of ice cream due to the time of the year so he had just picked the one he expected Darien to despise the l

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