Fifty Seventh Secret

Darien was caught off guard by the question. Since Zach had admitted to being in love with him, his desire to come out as a gay man had been forgotten.

As it stood, he wouldn’t be able to take Zach to many places on a date out of fear of being recognised. That wasn’t fair to Zach and he didn’t want to be like that either.

He wanted to come out.

He waited for the feelings of panic and fear over admitting to being gay to appear and they didn’t.

Darien realised he had completely changed now.

Since meeting Zach and falling in love with him, he had lost his fear of public opinion. He was content to come out and be honest.

“I feel like I can,” Darien told him.

Zach’s face lit up with excitement and he pulled him into a hug.

“That’s really good, Darien,” he said. “I fulfilled my end of the contract without knowing it.”

Knowing that people were going to judg

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