Fifty Eighth Secret

“I am ready for our date,” Zach said. “Did you give the reporters the slip?”

He got into the passenger seat as he spoke and Darien did his seatbelt for him.

“I got my PA to drive the car here and came down here a few minutes before you,” Darien explained. “I sent all the reporters away earlier. Anyone still here is just very persistent.”

Zach took a careful look at him. Darien didn’t look tense at all. In fact he looked quite happy and free. It was good to see the change. It had occurred to him that Darien might have second thoughts about coming out publicly after the press attention.

“Has all the coverage from the media been positive?” Zach asked.

Darien grinned at him.

“Only one tabloid used homophobic slurs- there’s already some legal action going there. The reaction has been good overall. I think I might have broken a lot of hearts in the process though.”

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