Chapter 2

This morning, I had seen something similar. I had woken up with such a love dream, and of a handsome looking man who stared at me till I was awoken, I had kept all the love dreams I had had in the past from my mother, although I won't keep this one from her, I guess it's the right time to tell her of my dream life, that morning, mom was still sleeping then, I banged the door, that was on usual, "who is there?" "It's me Paloma!" "Come in, the door is opened." Mom spoke with a slight broad voice, I quietly opened the door, the room was still dim with darkness, she then switch on the light, her face wore a surprise, over while I had come to see her that early morning, when she had sat up, "Paloma, what is the matter?" She questioned me expecting to hear something different: maybe that I needed a help of some sought.

I approached her where she sat, sitting by her side, she stood up and walked into the rest room, which after a while she returned. I began. "Mother, there this particular dream that as always engrossed with in my dreams,  "hmmm" she said. "I always see a gorgeous looking prince standing in a distance and looking at me, mother, in those dreams, I always love him dearly, in those dream series, I always wish, I could touch him, or even kiss him, and his eyes are very charming. I have never seen an handsome prince such as that creature." Looking at me with a look of disappointment, "It's that why you are disturbing my rest? Paloma, it's just a dream." Then She yawn attempting to fold herself back into the bed. "Mother, you should give me a listening ear" I pleaded. She yawned again, and said "dreams are not real" "No mama, this is real to me, I want to see that prince." I said, "Ok! Ok! I understand, Paloma, it's a season in every life, when anyone gets to the stage that you are, such dreams will popped up as one of the signs of maturity." She said. "No mama, I understand that sign, I have been thought about that, and I had experienced it several times, but this one is different; this prince doesn't even come to me, or come to talk about him making love w, all the times I had seen him in my dreams, he was no place close to me, the only closeness I feel is bossom closeness of the river of love that stream out of him, even when he looks to be far from me, he was the closest thing I have ever seen or felt, the love that burns in me is almost consuming my heart. In fact mom, I don't just feel him close but within the chamber of me that understand the language of love. Mother, my heart is consumed by love." "Don't allow this to ruin your emotions, or your life. Do not let mere dreams of some fantasies to hurt your feelings. "Mother, not so, I am sure that prince is out there somewhere mom." I am consumed in the furnace of his love, this prince is real, he is not a fairy tale, mom, even now I feel him around me, I can feel the warmth of his embraces." I defended almost with a crying tone.

My mom didn't pay much attention to the the dreams that was repeatedly played in my dream world.

My reality was a contrast to my dream, I hate here but madly in love with a prince, a some somewhere in my dreams.

My dad loved us except my mom, 

  I lost my dad on my ninth birthday, the trauma that stroke me that day when my dad died still holds a print upon me, the day that the bad news got to me was my birthday, my mother had made a birthday cake for me, my uncle, Gerald had come with his newly wedded wife; prior to my birthday ceremony, father had also invited some of our family friends, I did also invite my friends who had come together with their parents; they all were assembled in our house as the house was in a complexity of activities: birthday songs were been played, daddy must come home before the candles will be lit or else my mom will get hurt when everyone has gone, he will be putting off the candles, everything was set: the fried golden chickens were glittering from the bowl were they had been kept, a huge pork meat had also been prepared for dishing. Pork was my dad's favorite. They was an oozing of a mixture of all sorts of aroma: donuts, plantain chips, fried chicken, locally made orange juice and to crown all was the Chinese rice and stew. The dinning table was littered with all sorts of juices. I had began to salivate even though I was the celebrant, my uncle Gerald gave me a present of a beautiful pink gown, pink is my favorite colour,  In that moment of excitement, two men knocked on our door, my mother went to attend to them, they whispered some words to her, I could only see their lips moving, hearing the whispered words, my mother immediately broke down in tears, every one of us wondered why mother was crying, I was the most astonished. I became very unhappy when I saw tears rolled down on her chick, I hate seeing my mother in such conditions. "Birthdays should be a day of excitement." I thought. Uncle Gerald approached my mom, to inquire what was wrong, when he learnt what had happened he bowed his head downwards and moved it sideways in anguish, I quickly stood up from the cushion where I had sat amidst my friends, even though I was gorgeously dressed, I ran into my mom, to inquire from her what had gone wrong, but uncle Gerald quickly walked I and Alisa into the master bedroom, Naomi was still very little; she never knew what had happened. "Your dad was involved in ghastly motor accident, and had been taken to the Madonna hospital." He told us. That day, I could barely eat anything, as my appetite seems to have been damaged by the shocking news. I felt that the real state of my father was not yet disclosed to me. The best I could offer him was to wish that he wasn't dead, I also wished that he will survive if in case he has not died, I also wished that I had a jinn to vomit my wish "losing a husband in the prime marriage is excruciating." A statement I overheard two women discussing in a super market, rang loudly in my mind.  That will be too much for my mother to bear, 

For three days, what really happened to my dad was hidden from me, on the fourth day, that day rainy in the month of August, as I sat quietly mingled in my thoughts, my mother dragged her feet into my room, she sat knead to me, "how is father's conditions?" I asked her expecting to hear her explanations of how father was faring, but she was mute for a while, then I never bothered to question her any further, she then put her left hand on my shoulders, Father is dead." She began to cry bitterly when she said so, the both of us wept and sobbed. Then she told me plainly that daddy died the day he had the accident.

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