Chapter 5

The next day again, Mr. Ben walked into the house with my mother, we ran to welcome them both, at least since Mr. Ben set his feet into our house, we eat to our fill, he always bought for us some chocolates. That day on their arrival, as we sat in the living room, mother brought out a bag; from the bag, she handed over to each of us a pair of T.shirt and a trousers. We laughed at the top of our voices, as everyone of us examined her own pair. "These are not all." mother informed us, "by next month, we shall be moving into a bigger apartment where you will have your own different rooms." Hearing what she said, we jumped and celebrated, hugging mom and Mr. Ben. "That is not all." Mother informed us quickly, you all will be going back to school as school resumes," "Oh! Sweet hot dog!" I yelled and jumped out and in of our cushion. Our house was filled with the ambience of excitement... Mr. Ben chuckled as he watched us expressed ourselves in happiness, my mom then looking at

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