~54-BabyNapped 1~

It's only 6 in the morning and I've given Emerald a bath, clothed her and I've had my bath and packed my bags, ready to be picked up by Anthony.

I decided to feed Emerald the formula I used to feed her through the feeding tube back at the hospital instead of breast milk so I'm in the kitchen preparing that.

I'm done. I rinse my hand and after putting the lid on tight, I rinse the feeding bottle too then using a napkin, I wipe it dry.

Then I skip happily to my room where Emerald lies awaiting her food. 

I walk through the door and take a sit on the bed next to her cradle.

Putting the feeder on the bed, I reach out to grab Emerald but she's not there.

My baby's not in her cradle, I can't find her. Panicked tears start to rush down my cheeks.

Where's my baby? 

I look up and there's a broken window. How did I not hear that break? Someone kidnapped my child.

Oh, no. Emerald. I don't know what to do. Phone. Yes, phon

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