~55-BabyNapped 2~

"You're not going, of course you're not so...we...we should call the boss...tell..." Amanda starts as soon as I end the call with Violet.

"I'm going" I say simply and she turns red.

"What...what did you just say? 'Cause I heard something like..."

"That's what I said, Amanda. I'm going to meet up with Violet" I say again, with confidence.

I'm getting my baby back.

"You can't do that. She won't give her back to you. We have to call the boss, he'll know what to do" she frowns.

"Anthony?" I spit the name, bitterly "Didn't you hear him? He hates me. He won't care"

"He doesn't hate you" she argues "...and obviously, he'll care very much"

I don't see just how that is obvious but I say nothing.

The notification sound goes off on my phone. With my heart racing, I unlock it to read the message.

It's the address and

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