~56-We're Doing This¡!~

It's almost eleven a.m as I drive over to Anthony's house to get the chequebook.

A few of the staffs who look very surprised to see receive me rather warmly and offer to call Anthony to let him know I'm here.

I dismiss them as quick as I could without being rude then quickly make my way to Anthony's home office.

It's only when I'm trying to open the drawers, do I realize that I'm shaking with panic.

Okay, deep breaths. Relax. You're going to save Emerald.

I wrench open one drawer after the other in search of the chequebook.

I soon find the right drawer. There are about five chequebooks. Looking through each one, I find the one which has Mr A. Trevalyan and Mrs J. Trevalyan.

Now, to go save my baby.

Wait, how the hell am I going to carry the money. It must a lot of cash. I'm gonna need a bag or two? How big is five million dollars anyway?

I take a deep breath and in a more composed manner, I stride to the bedroom I shared

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