~57-Incredibly Brave~

As we exit the bank, we spot the van almost immediately with a lady whose hair is pulled up in a tight ponytail just like mine standing next to it typing away on her phone.

As we approach, she raises her head and smiles smugly at the sight of us.

"I'll take those" she says to the clerks as she opens up the trunk.

She stretches out her hand and the clerks look to me for permission.

I nod and they hand her the bags one after the other.

"Great, let's go" she says, icily and I take a deep breath.

"Thanks a lot" I say to the clerks "I appreciate your help and promise to make it up to you soon"

They both nod and scurry off into the bank.

"Get in" The lady spits, harshly.

I rush quickly into the vehicle and slide the door shut.

"Phone" she groans like I'm stupid.

I hand her a phone and she tosses

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