~58-...Or Incredibly Stupid... ~

Violet ventures into the room with a wicked smile on her face.

"Where's my daughter?" I spit "It's been hours"

"Relax" she smirks "you'll get to hold your daughter for the last few minutes of your miserable life"

I want nothing more than to slap the stupid smirk off her face as she moves closer to me.

"Violet" I groan.

"Shut up, b***h" her hand makes contact with my cheek, hard.

I wince a little but cover it up and say, dryly "Wow, Violet, you been practicing that, haven't you? I must admit, you've gotten a bit better"

"I've gotten a lot better, you a*****e" she raises her hand again and this time strikes hard on my other cheek.

"Just a reminder, I can beat you to a pulp easily" I smirk back.

"Do that" she pauses, narrowing her eyes at me "and you'll never see your beloved Emerald again"

Touché. She has me cornered.

Soon, she starts throwing punches and flinging slaps so hard, I actually start to bel

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