~59-...Or Just An Incredibly Lucky B***h~

There's pain everywhere. Everywhere and everything hurts.

I try to move my hands, then my legs but nothing moves. I can't open my eyes either. I hear hushed whispers. I try to make out what they're saying.

"Her ribs are bruised and she has a hairline fracture to her skull but her vital signs are stable"

"Why is she unconscious?" Anthony says, his voice filled with agony that makes me want to jump up and give him a hug.

"Mrs Trevalyan has suffered a major contusion to her head but her brain activity is normal. Just give it some time. She'll wake up soon"

Where's Emerald? What happened to my baby?

I helplessly try to say something, open my eyes but it's hopeless.

A few seconds filled with pain later, unconsciousness starts to claim me again, stealing me away from the pain.

I wake again. I'm blind, mute and aching absolutely everywhere. My ey

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