Bound In Blissful Hell
Bound In Blissful Hell
Author: LaynaSunnySnap


"Hey, Liv" Liam, Olivia's twin brother purrs in her ear.

He's acting rather suspicious today but Liv doesn't care, it's her birthday-both their birthdays.

"You know, you never said Happy birthday" Liv glares and shouts over the loud music.

"Neither did you" he gives her a pointed look.

She scowls at him "whatever"

"Hey, I'll fetch you a drink" he states and she eyes him suspiciously

"Yeah, sure" she spits sardonically and shifts her gaze away from him.

"My birthday gift to you" he shrugs "take it or leave it"

"I'll take it" she murmurs because she's  too lazy to fetch herself a drink.

It's her birthday and she'd much rather spend it alone in a club than at home. Home brings back too many unhappy memories.

It's become a birthday routine. She turns off her phone, disconnects from the whole world-well, the whole world except her brother and gets herself hopelessly drunk. It's Her Happy Birthday.

She looks up to find Liam taking gracious steps towards her, his lips turned up in a smug smile, his hands clutching a glass filled with some orange liquid.

He looks good and even Liv had to admit. Her brother is a fine fine sight.

"Here" he smirks

"Thanks" she mutters and takes a sip "Oh and happy birthday"

She takes a bigger sip while he nods.

"What is this? It tastes good" another sip "no..tastes great"

People say, the tastiest food is one with poisoning.

I guess that applies to drinks too and in this case drugs.

Liv takes the final sip and looks up to ask her brother for more but then he's nowhere to be found.


A few minutes later and her head is fuzzy. She feels funny and she knows she gotta get home.

She stands but she's losing balance. She's getting dizzy.

She looks up and it's Liam, he's back.

"Hey, where were you, you idiot¿" she slurrs and he smiles down at her.

"About to give you the best birthday gift" he whispers and leads her to a room.

The room he had set up earlier with his best friend.

Except he put his sister in the wrong room, with the wrong guy.

His birthday gift to her, his last epic prank.

And it's 'bout to go really wrong.

Excitement runs through his spine as he imagines her face tomorrow morning.

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