~02-His Freaking Dad~

"Um, hello" I say into the speaker of my phone as I answer a call from an unsaved number

"Good Afternoon, Ms. Hart" a female voice greets 

I clear my throat quietly

"Good Afternoon" I try to be equally formal in tone

I want to ask who am speaking to but decide against it. Whoever it is.. he'll probably tell me anyway.

"I'm Andrea, secretary to Mr. Trevalyan" she says curtly. Trevalyan? Where have I heard that name before. Before I have a chance to give it more thought though, she continues "Mr. Trevalyan would like to set an appointment to meet with you, when will you be available?"

Who the heck is Mr. Trevalyan.

I've heard that name before somewhere..I just can't remember where.

Think, Liv, Think.

And then it dawns on me. It's Anthony Trevalyan. It's the douche who knocked me up.

Rage flows through me like lava.

"Ms. Hart?" The lady spoke again.

"Listen lady tell your boss that I don't ever want to see him, he should stay the f**k away from us and never try to reach us again" I hiss, my tone one that dares her to utter another word.

As expected she hangs up immediately.

I make it a point to block the number. He doesn't want the child, why the hell won't he just let me be¿

My phone buzzes again

Ugh! Another unknown number. It's probably another secretary or office telephone or something.

What the f**k does he want?

"What?!" I snap into the receiver.

"Hey, is this a bad time?" I hear a familiar voice say

"No, Chris, it's not, what's up?" I sigh.

Christian's my brother's best friend, he was supposed to be in the room with me that night...but unfortunately I ended up with that jerk bag.

The height of my misfortune.

"Um..I can't help but feel a bit guilty about what happened" he mutters guiltily

Oh no! Not this again

"Christian, let me stop you right there. Don't feel guilty, it wasn't your fault and besides I'm having a baby not some deadly monster or anything. It's a blessing not a curse" I scold

"I know but.." He starts again but I cut him off

"Look, if you want to make it up to me, pick me up in 15 minutes and let's go have some fun" I offer with a broad smile knowing he'll accept

"The answer is always food with you" He laughs, this warm and hearty sound I've grown accustomed to.

I shrug even though he can't see me "so..see you then¿"


And now I have to go get ready.

I tug on matchstick jeans and ballet flats. I wrap a Hally-blue silk scarf around my waist, up over my torso, then tie the ends behind my neck to fashion a halter-style blouse.

Yup, I watch a lot of fashion hack YouTube videos, might as well put it to use.


That was fast. Chris is never punctual. I think I like guilty Christian already.

"Coming" I yell as I grab my small purse off my bed, throw in my phone and sprint down the stairs.

"That was..." I'm silenced by the unfamiliar eyes set on mine as I open the door.

"Ms. Hart?" A middle aged man asks, he looks around dad's age. His eyes lit up in a broad smile.

I nod slowly, trying to figure out how he knows me and what he wants.

"It's nice to finally meet you, I'm James" he extends his hand which I shake firmly.

Oh, so he doesn't know me?

"Um.." I start, wanting to voice my confusion but he cuts me off.

"It seems like you didn't want to see me though. You've rejected every one of my invitations" he frowns 

I have?

"Um..I don't.." I pause, not wanting to hurt his feelings "I don't know you"

He frowns again, and for some reason the sight makes me frown too.

"James Trevalyan?" He looks at me in surprise

He's the Mr. Trevalyan?

But that a*****e, his name is Trevalyan too right?

"You surely know my son though" he states, recovering from his surprised state

His son?

That jerk bag is his son!

He watches me like a hawk as I stare blankly at him

"Anthony" he continues

So it's confirmed then, the a*****e is his son.

"Oh, yeah" he's the a*s that knocked me up then acted like a jerk about it, no big deal

He looks relieved as he states "if I'm correct, you're pregnant with his child?"

"Yes" I smile as sweetly as I can manage "but he doesn't want it and I'm cool with that"

He opens his mouth to say something but I interject when I spot Chris in the corner of my eye "Hey, Chris, what took you so long?"

He gives me a look that says'who's this¿' and I just shrug it off

"Christian" I start an introduction as soon as Chris reaches us "this is Mr. Trevalyan"

Chris stills immediately "um..Trevalyan?" He asks wide eyed

"Yeah, James Trevalyan, father of Anthony Trevalyan" I clarify and he visibly relaxes

"Mr. Trevalyan, Christian, my boyfriend" I say waving between them.

My gaze shifts to Chris and he's staring wide eyed at me but he soon recovers, coming over to stand right by my side.


Chris and I nod simultaneously.

"Well, Ms. Hart.." He starts but I interrupt

"Uh..Olivia please"

"Very well, Olivia, there are some things I'd like to discuss with you seeing as you're pregnant with my grand child" he says, all businesslike all of a sudden

"Oh well, we were on our way out but I'll make an appointment with your secretary" I say, uncertain of anything I'm saying

"Good, enjoy your day" he turns to leave.

"Um..Mr. Trevalyan?" I call

"Hmm" he hums, prompting me to go on

"Just to be clear, Anthony" I say shakily, even the thought of that douche annoys me "..still doesn't want the child, right?"

"That's one of the things we'll talk about during our meeting, good bye, Ms. Hart" he says politely and strolls elegantly away.

I was annoyed that he rejected my child before but now I don't want to imagine a situation that he accepts him...or her

I don't want my child to associate with such bad company.

Even if the bad company is his or her very own father.

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