"Do you guys think I should really make an appointment?" I ask my brother and his best friend warily.

"Yeah, you should, see what he wants and get this over with" Chris says dryly.

"What do you think he want though?" Liam asks and both Chris and I shrug in response.

"He did say you were going to talk about whether Tony wants his child or not" Chris chips in with a wary shrug.

"Um..correction, MY child" I scold, putting emphasis on the MY

He raises his hand in mock surrender "yeah, yours"

Make the call, Liv" Liam urges and Chris nods.

And that's my cue

"Chris, by the way, whose number did you call me with?" I wonder aloud, idly 

"Ms. Hart?" She picks up, her tone one of surprise

"Yes, Andrea, I'd like to make an appointment with your boss now" I say dryly

"Oh alright, what time would you prefer?" she asks, trying and failing to hide her shaky voice from her last call

She's obviously still smarting from our last conversation.

"How about tomorrow? At 10" I offer

"Alright, ma'am, will that be all?"

"Yes.. um, Andrea?" I pause to check if she's still there.

"Ma'am?" she breathes

"I'm really sorry for earlier, I was just a little frustrated" I apologize quietly

"It's alright ma'am, good night" she says professionally and just hum in response before she ends the call.

"So that's that" I turn to face Chris and Liam who are staring impassively at me.

"What's for dinner?" I ask as my tummy begins to grumble.

"You just ate half an hour ago" Chris supplies with wide eyes

I stare impassively at him before opening my mouth to speak "I honestly fail to see your point"

"Just forget it. I don't think your IQ level is high enough for a simple conversation" He snorts, obviously pained

"Oh Chris, there's no need to cry" I pout and mock him

"Shut up" he rolls his eyes and I smile sweetly

"Do you want me to come with you?" Liam asks out of nowhere


"Tomorrow" he continues "To your meeting with his father"

"Why would you want to do that?" I frown

"To protect you. In case they try anything" his jaw clenches at the thought

"I'm old enough to take care of myself, you know" I muse. The thought of him in a brawl with Mr. Trevalyan is pretty amusing

"I'm coming  with you" he deadpans

"Jeez, stow your twitching palm, I'll be fine" I say in a tone that says not to argue

"I just need to be sure you're alright" he says softly

"Do I sense your you brotherly instincts coming to play?" I grin but stop immediately I notice his unamused expression "I'll be fine, Liam"

"Or I could come" says Chris "You know, being the boyfriend and all it won't seem too out of place"

"No one's coming with me. Period" I say curtly

"Boyfriend?!!" Liam yells

His expression has me laughing my guts out.

"Relax, dude" Chris says quickly

He looks like he's gonna murder Chris.

"You're fucking my little sister?!!" He yells again

"Shh. The neighbors might hear you" I scold, ending my fits of laughter

"I don't give a fuck about the neighbors" He yells again and I burst out in laughter

"I'm not fucking your sister, okay?" Chris hisses out and though that stops Liam from plunging at him, he's still sending him death glares

"I mean, she's a mighty fine sight and anyone with a dick would want a piece of her" he shifts his gaze to me.

"Eww, man" I groan, wanting to puke at that.

"She's nothing but a little sister to me" he finishes

"Little sister" I scoff "Y'all are NOT older than me, alright? We're the same freaking age" I glare at both of them

"Then what did you mean by boyfriend?"Liam looks confused and relieved at the same time.

What's it with guys about their best friends not going out with their sisters anyway?

"Well, your little sister thought it a good idea to announce to the old man that she's my girlfriend"

Liam whirls around to meet my grinning gaze

"Oh" Liam lets out a sigh of relief

"Yeah, you almost had my balls, you know?" Chris muses

"You have no idea what I would have done to you. Just stay the fuck away from my sister" Liam says in equal amusement.

"Why?" I frown, deciding to voice my thoughts

They're both giving me confused looks so I continue "Why is Chris out of bounds just 'cause he's your best friend? Most guys have that weird mentality"

"I don't know about most guys but no one knows Chris like I do and I know that he's just gonna hurt you" he shrugs and Chris sports a smug smile

"Whatever, weirdos" I shake my head and make my way to the kitchen.

My tummy needs to be fed.


I'm dressed in a greenish-blue gown made of soft, satiny fabric, short and loose. My face is made up with nothing...I hate make up, makes my face itch.

As far as I know, I'm ready but the sudden anxiety that gripped me this morning has me staring continuously at my image in the mirror.

"You'll still have to face him someday, you know" Liam supplies from the doorway "but it doesn't have to be today, you can just call to cancel"

"No, I'm going, I have to know" I say more to convince myself than him

"Alright, you sure you don't want me to come?" he asks again and I just shake my head 'no'

"Good luck, then, baby sister" he acquiesces, though I sense it took an internal battle to force that out.

"Won't need it" I assure "Take care, baby brother"

I dash down the stairs, out the door and into my car before I can change my mind and decide not to go.

I take a deep, long, relaxing breath and rid my head of any thoughts of bailing out.

It's time to face the father of my worst nightmare.

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