~05-Hell's Got A Pretty Face~

"Liam, I'm getting married" I call casually from the kitchen.

"Alright, baby sis. To who¿" he calls back, blankly. He probably thinks this is a joke.

Who wouldn't? 'I'm getting married' isn't something people just throw around.

"Anthony Trevalyan" 

Just that name and the TV turns blank as he strides into the kitchen with a 'stop joking with the devil, Missy' look.

"Say that again" he murmurs

"Anthony" I shrug and look away

"What the f**k are you saying, Liv?" he says with gritted teeth.

My brother loathes the man.

And so do I. But now I have to get married to him.

"That I'm getting married to Anthony Trevalyan" I say slowly

"Where the f**k did this come from?" he breathes out in exasperation. His hands running through his hair. "What did the old man tell you?"

"That I'm getting married to Anthony Trevalyan" I murmur quietly

"Why would you do that?" his voice is a lot more quiet and I know he's trying to

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