~06-The Graduation~

I'm dressed in a long, grey halter neck dress. My housemate, Stella, slept over at some Frat house so I have the apartment all to myself.

Stella styled my hair yesterday before she left so I just have to make sure it stays that way.

Against my better judgement, I decide on some make up.

I stroll into Stella's room and right to her dressing table.

I really should get make up of my own but I almost never use it, mostly because it makes my face itch but also because I'm too lazy most of the time.

I dab on some foundation- much too little, in hopes to reduce the itching. 

Powder up my face with Stella's fluffy powder brush, then I opt for a nude, almost unnoticeable eye shadow.

Then, with the eye liner, I gradually stroke a line from one corner of my eye to the other and repeat the process for the other side. 

I groom my brows and fill them with an eyebrow pencil then apply a coat of mascara on my lashes.

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