~07-Black Bride~

It's Saturday. 3 days after my graduation and it's my wedding.

Well, fake wedding.

I stare at the big, white box delivered this morning that holds my 'wedding dress'.

I tear my gaze away from the box and make my way into the bathroom.

Taking my time in the bathroom, it's 9:20 by the time I return.

The sound of my hair drier soon fills the room.

Soon enough, my hair is dry and I gently massage my scalp with my hair cream.

Then I head for the white box, excitement bubbling in me.

I'm irritated by how excited I am for this dress.

Opening it up, I find a really beautiful, silk dress that probably costs a fortune but one glance and I know I'm not wearing that.

It's pretty and all but, it's too revealing and I'm pregnant. I can't wear that.

'Trust the Trevalyan's to totally f**k this up' I snort

"Now I'm talking to myself" I raise my hands in exasperation

Going through every potential wedding dress replacement i

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